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I am ready to be baptized. What do I need to do?

Fill out this form right here: Baptism sign up

Also, please read the FAQs below.

Q: What is baptism really about?
A: Very basically its a public confession of our faith in Jesus Christ. Also read “why be baptized?” below.

Q: When will baptism take place in the service?
A: After the message you will be invited to go prepare for baptism. In the lobby, you will be greeted by a pastor or a member of church staff who will ask you a few quick questions concerning your understanding of salvation. Don’t worry. They won’t be looking for deep theological answers, probably just an answer in the affirmative that you understand what you are doing in baptism.  Depending on the weather, baptism may be indoors or out. If indoors, you will be led up to the front row in front of the baptism pool. Immediately after that song, the pastor will come next to the pool and invite the first person into the trough.
If outdoors, then service will conclude and everyone will be invited outside on the lawn to gather loosely around the baptism pool. The pastor will come alongside the pool and invite the first person into the trough.

Q: What should I wear? What do I have to do exactly?
A: You should bring a change to clothes to quickly change into before you get baptized or wear something that will work for baptism and bring a change for after. Your choice. We ask that you dress for baptism in a manner that will not “reveal” anything! So dress modestly. No whites or light colors or tank tops. You can wear shorts or pants. Your choice. We just want to keep the attention where it should be. Not on a wet t-shirt contest. Once you are in the pool, the pastor will have you hold your nose with your right hand and grasp your wrist of that hand with your left hand. It’s ok, you can practice that now to get a feel for it! He will make this simple declaration over you while he fully immerses you under the water. (You will want to assist in getting back up out of the water.) It will sound something like this “Based upon your profession of faith in Jesus Christ, I now baptize you in the name of the Father and Son and Holy Spirit. Buried with Christ in His death and raised to new life in His resurrection!”

Q: Where can my family/friends stand/sit to take pictures?
A: We would love for your family to get up close to take photos of this exciting day and moment in your life! Tell them to feel free to move into place just before you get in. We only ask that they are mindful of other families/friends gathering to see as well. If being held indoors, you may want to get seats close to the baptismal pool on this day to make that easier for them. If they can’t make it, no worries. We got you covered with great pics!

Q: Why be baptized?

A: Are you feeling really nervous yet?! We know it can absolutely feel that way. It is much   more excitement than nerves I’m sure. This is a major step of obedience to Christ and, as your pastor, I can honestly say I am so proud of your decision! Feel free to listen to the message called “Confession” from Pastor Jesse back in Feb. for a lot of details and a full understanding about why baptism is so important and what it represents but in outline form here are a few bullet points.

1. It is obedience to Christ. (Matt. 28.19-20)

2. It expresses/confesses union with Christ. (Rom.6.3-4)

3. Immersion in water is representation of spiritual death and resurrection (Rom. 6.3-4; John 3.23)

4. It confesses life change to the surrounding community.

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