Our vision is to see the next generation engaged and prepared for a lifelong loving relationship with God and the body of Christ (the local church) while helping them discover their God-given calling and gifting along the way.


Birth through Age 4

There isn't anything as precious as these little ones that are getting there first glimpse at this great big world that God has created. We are so proud of the loving, patient and prayerful volunteers in our nursery and prekindergarten rooms. You can expect for your child to be loved, cared and prayed for while you are in the main auditorium worshiping. We want to create a real network and support system for parents of little ones. We know this can be a very tough time for parents and we want to be a support in whatever way we can.

FathomKids & Nursery happen each Sunday during our adult worship services.


Kindergarten through 5th Grade

Kids are not an afterthought at Fathom. They are a priority! Our teachers create an entertaining atmosphere full of love, encouragement, and creativity. Your children won’t just be babysat; they will be loved, prayed for and trained in God’s incredible love for them. All children beginning in Kindergarten and up through elementary go to our larger two classroom Elementary building. Each classroom is equipped with age-appropriate video, audio, and games. Our teachers use the incredible curriculum and resources from Orange.
Each month parents receive a month outlook on what their children will be taught. Parent Cue, available online and via app, allows the parent to have specific prayers, songs, scriptures and topics for discussion throughout your week with your child that are directly connected to what they are learning on Sundays at Fathom. We believe parents are the ultimate influence on what a child will understand about God. We want to be a support to the work of parents in leading their children to a growing relationship with God.

Middle & High School

This is the spot for middle and high school students to come connect with students their age in a really fun and comfortable environment. Students can expect to be loved on and accepted the moment they walk through the doors. We simply want students to find their identity in Christ. Beyond that, we want to engage them in their calling to be a disciple of Jesus and to do so within a very honest environment where students can encourage each other in their faith. Beginning September 16th, 2020, FathomStudents meet every Wednesday evening to connect in worship, teaching and small groups with other middle & high school students. Doors open at 6:30pm and the gathering will begin at 7pm.

Beginning September 16, 2020, FathomStudents gather every Wednesday evening.

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