Reviving Hope: Healing Our Hurts in the Church

Bridezilla | CHURTCH pt. 1

Bridezilla | CHURTCH pt. 1

Sermon Recap

Pastor Kyle Nelson delivers an exciting sermon titled “Bridezilla” that delves into the topic of church hurt and the transformative power of healing within the church. Listen to the heartfelt story of our guest, Pastor Alcir de Souza, who shares his personal journey of church hurt, leading to his own ministry in Brazil and Mozambique. With great enthusiasm, Pastor Kyle emphasizes the church as the vibrant body and beloved bride of Christ, drawing from biblical stories to showcase the incredible healing power and boundless compassion of Jesus.

Sermon Quotes

I was watching those blind that could see right there in front of me. And that was something that I could never forgot. That was the seed that was planted on my life that day.

Pastor Alcir de Souza

But see, the question is not will we be hurt in the church? Because the reality is that all of us at some time in our life, if you stick around long enough, you will be hurt. Because we’re a bunch of imperfect people, and at times something’s going to happen and we’re going to be hurt. So it’s not a question of will you be hurt, it’s once you have been hurt, do you want to be healed? Because God’s a healer and he mends the broken hearted.

Pastor Kyle Nelson

Everything that’s been hidden will be revealed. And can I just say, when it comes to church hurt and a lot of garbage in the church, God’s been doing a lot of cleansing over the past couple of years. He’s been doing a lot of sanctifying in his church. He’s been doing a lot of pruning in his church, and there’s a lot of hidden things that have been revealed and it’s jarring at the pace that things are coming out, is it not? And it can affect the way we view the bride.

Pastor Kyle Nelson

We need to know how to pause to bring healing to those around us. Jesus, in the midst of the crowd, he was discerning of pain that was among him. And we use this phrase around here. We look people in the eyes and we learn their names.

Pastor Kyle Nelson

We need to know how to pause to bring healing to those around us. Jesus, in the midst of the crowd, he was discerning of pain that was among him. And we use this phrase around here. We look people in the eyes and we learn their names.

Pastor Kyle Nelson

Seeing the Church as Jesus Sees Her

Have you ever felt hurt by the church? Maybe someone said something that cut deeply or you witnessed actions that left you feeling betrayed. It’s unfortunate, but church hurt is a reality that many people have experienced. However, there is healing and hope available for all who have been wounded.

It’s important to see the church through Jesus’ eyes – as His beloved bride, whom He loves and heals. While church hurt is inevitable because we are imperfect humans, the question is whether we want to be healed once we’ve been hurt.

Pressing In to Receive Healing 

The sermon highlighted the story of Pastor Alcir, who had experienced church hurt in his life. Pastor Alcir shared how his passion for preaching was met with criticism and judgment at a young age. This hurt caused him to stay away from the church for over a decade. But God had a different plan. Through a series of divine connections and encounters, Pastor Alcir is now a pastor leading multiple churches, spreading the message of healing and hope to others.

In Ephesians 5:25-27, where the Apostle Paul highlights Christ’s love for the church, we are reminded that Jesus loves His church – flawed as it may be – and gave Himself up for her. He cleanses and sanctifies the church, and one day, He will present her as a radiant and blameless bride to Himself. This perspective helps us see the church as Jesus sees her – loved and cherished.

Furthermore, it’s important to press in to receive healing and pause to bring healing to others. We are encouraged to press into Jesus, the great healer, with faith and honesty. Just as the woman with the issue of blood pressed through the crowd to touch the edge of Jesus’ cloak and be healed, we too can approach Him with our hurts and trust in His power to bring healing. And as we receive healing, we are called to pause and extend that healing to others by showing love, forgiveness, and genuine care.

Joining the Revival of a Healing Church

The church is not a perfect utopia but rather a hospital under construction. We are all in the process of healing and becoming whole, and as we come together, the church becomes a place of healing and restoration not only for ourselves but also for our communities.

If you’ve experienced church hurt, we want to invite you to experience healing and hope in the church. Jesus sees your pain and loves you unconditionally. He longs to bring healing and restoration to your heart. We encourage you to press in, to seek Him with faith and honesty. And as you receive healing, may you also be a vessel of healing for others, extending love and forgiveness just as Christ has done for you.

Experience the incredible transformation that only Jesus can bring. We believe that a revival is coming, and you have a vital part to play in it. So come, be a part of a church that loves, heals, and restores. Come and experience the healing and hope that awaits you!

Anchor Group Sunday Sermon Guide

After watching Pastor Kyle’s sermon, Bridezilla, use the following discussion questions to guide and facilitate meaningful conversations within your small group based on the sermon. Encourage one another to share your thoughts and experiences. Use the points provided below to provide context and key scriptures to encourage conversation.

Discussion Questions 

1. Why is it crucial to recognize that the church is more than just an organization or building? How can recognizing this change how you interact with others in your church community? 

  • Pastor Kyle emphasized that the church is a collection of believers who make up the body and bride of Christ.

2. In Luke 8, how did Jesus show compassion and care to the woman with the blood issue and Jairus? How can you emulate Jesus’ example of compassion and care in your own interactions with others? 

  • Pastor Kyle discussed the stories of these two individuals needing healing and how Jesus addressed their concerns.

3. How can being honest about our pain and church hurt help us find healing? Is there any hurt or pain in your life that you need to bring to Jesus for healing? 

  • Pastor Kyle encouraged the congregation to be open about their pain and trust in Jesus to heal them.

4. According to the sermon, why is it important for us to pause and heal others? What opportunities do you have to heal or show care to others in your daily life? 

  • Pastor Kyle reminded the congregation that Jesus cares for all people and desires to use them to bring healing to those around them.

5. How can embracing our scars and wearing forgiveness boldly help us grow in our faith? In what ways can you actively practice forgiveness in your personal relationships and church community?  

  • Pastor Kyle shared a quote about embracing scars and forgiveness, highlighting the role of the church in bringing healing to others.

Dive Deeper: Printable 5-Day Devotional

This five day devotional will be taking a deeper dive into the sermon from this weekend. Through scripture, reflection, and prayer, explore the healing journey from church hurt and the restorative work God is ready to do in our hearts


Heavenly Father, thank you for reminding us of the immense love you have for your Church, your beloved bride. We surrender our hurts, disappointments, and preconceived notions about the Church to your healing touch. Grant us the wisdom and strength to see the Church as you see her, to press into you for guidance, and to extend grace and understanding to one another. Lord, may the healing power of your Holy Spirit continue to work in our lives and the lives of believers everywhere, bringing wholeness, restoration, and unity. May we be vessels of your love and agents of healing in our homes, communities, and beyond. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.


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