Serve Teams

Wether it’s greeting guests, playing an instrument during Worship or teaching our little learners, there’s a place for you to serve at Fathom.

Get Involved!

Every person matters and adds unique value to the community mission to love people and make disciples. Before you jump on a Serve Team you do need to go through DNA Sessions 1 & 2 so that we are all on the same page. DNA Sessions happen on the first Sunday and second Sunday of each month or anytime with our online experience.

FInished your DNA Sessions?

Great! Get started with a serve team.

Serve Culture at Fathom

The Gospel changes everything. We desire to bring glory to God by boldly living Gospel-centered lives in which there is no area of our lives that have not been radically changed by God's love and grace.
Brown Eyes
Be interested, not intersting. This cultural value highlights our commitment to making each individual feel special and cared for. That means looking people in the eyes and learning their names. We seek genuine relationships by intentionally investing in each other’s lives. People are more than a number on a stat or financial spreadsheet.
Every piece has a purpose. We are unified under the vision that God has given the leadership of Fathom Church. Gossip doesn't not survive in this house. We pass encouragement out and hand criticism up. Each of us add unique value and we are one in Christ.
Disciples make disciples. We want everything to multiply. Multiplication of Jesus followers, disciples, churches, serve team members, anchor groups, missionaries. The early church multiplied. We will multiply.
Rubber Band
Divine tension enables growth. We are flexible and we live in the tensions. We are flexible because when a new challenging season comes along, we don’t hide, run or snap. We stretch, grow and soar. We live in the tensions organizationally, financially and theologically. This enables our continual growth.
Rosetta Stone
Prayer is our first language. We work hard and pray for rain. We are digging trenches within our community through prayer. Faith in God is the fabric of our faith and the ministry journey we are on together. Every aspect of what we do should be bathed in prayer.
Fine Wine
Fruit follows faith and faithfulness. We get better every day. God blesses faithfulness, consistency and growth. We expect development and growth from every person and team. Great things are accomplished over time.
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