Anchor Groups

Made up of men and women from all generations of life, these groups meet throughout the week for activity, service and spiritual growth groups.

We created Anchor Groups to Love, Follow and Serve like Jesus.

They meet in different parts of town with a singular focus to build the kingdom of God through authentic community. No group is perfect, and no two groups are exactly the same. We don’t expect them to be. No disciple walks alone so jump into a group today.

Find a group that works for you.

Growth Groups

Experience growth in the community and in God’s word. Growth groups happen for all ages throughout the week.

Activity Groups

Connect with new and old friends while doing stuff you love. Most meet weekly in a home or local coffee shop. We try to keep them small and relational.

Community Groups

Serve our community while growing closer with the body of Christ. Some of our outreach has included food pantry drives, community clean up, or giving back to local schools.

Serve Teams

Wether it’s greeting guests, playing an instrument during Worship or teaching our little learners, there’s a place for you to serve at Fathom.


Send a quick message to our Next Steps Director for more information on which group may be a good fit.

Christina Scott

Next Steps Director